Welcome to my research.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Manuel Morales. I have created artwork for the US Olympic Committee, magazines, book covers, advertisements, private commissions, and most notably in support of the NY Giants SB XXI and SB XXV quests. Each time I did this they went on to win, a 2-for-2 record. This history was documented and licensed by the NFL as the NY Giants Super Bowl Commemorative Series (see link). Nearly a decade later, the artwork served as a catalyst to conduct an online art experiment at TemptDestiny.com. The objective of this experiment was to see if football fans and I could "tempt destiny" to repeat what was done twice before.


At TemptDestiny.com from 2000 to 2012, I obtained unambiguous empirical evidence that revealed that the simple acts of selection that historically have been taken for granted as effects of intelligence are in fact the origin variables that govern our existence. This fact can be confirmed by all via the Final Selection Thought Experiment in real life (see pages 88-89 in the "Who Is Telling The Truth, Nature Or Man?" peer-reviewed article). What was predicted by Albert Einstein nearly a century ago has now been confirmed without ambiguity. There are indeed "hidden variables", although non-local, that mankind has not accounted for both in our religious beliefs and in our scientific studies of Nature.


I began this experiment with the belief in God and in the validity of science. As you will read in the articles and figures featured below, the evidence has shown that beliefs or data that do not account for the two acts of selection can only lead to incomplete, thus invalid, assumptions.


Please note, since these findings are absolute everyone can confirm for themselves via the Final Selection Thought Experiment if the evidence obtained is either true or false. If a single human being can continue their existence without the ability to select, then and only then, are the findings invalid.


Who Is Telling The Truth, Nature Or Man? - Inspired by the movie "Concussion", this article reveals how science is an incomplete study of Nature and how to fix it.



A Flawed Scientific Method - Basketball images are used to illustrate how direct and indirect acts come-to-exist as a selection. Albert Einstein's prediction of "hidden variables", although non-local, has been empirically confirmed.




Spin States of Selection: Predetermined Variables of 'bit' - In this paper I show how the attractive force we call selection, or what physicists call gravity, give rise to energy: E = G2


Assumed Higgs Boson Discovery Proved Einstein Right - See how taxpayers have paid for and are continuing to pay for a multibillion dollar experiment gone wrong.

Assumed Higgs Boson Discovery Proved Einstein Right - See more at: http://temptdestiny.com/#sthash.Us1xYY3J.dpuf